East Japan Earthquake    March 11, 2011

Metropolitan railway system amid great confusion-Most canceled or partially operational

March 14, 2011, 08:04 JST

Due to shortage of power as a result of the recent earthquakes, TEPCO has announce that it will be conducting a planned outage of power from the 14th, but the indecisiveness of the exact timing of the implementation has caused confusion in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

At 6:30AM, TEPCO announced that it will be delaying the implementation of the planned outage, but only an hour after this announcement TEPCO overrode the previous statement, by saying that it may proceed with the planned outage as scheduled.

As such, the usually punctual railway system of the Tokyo metropolitan area has been in disarray delayed from early morning. Many of those commuting from the outskirts of the metropolitan area were in despair as the only means of transportation were taken away from them, as most all railways were either only partially operational or canceled completely, preventing many from commuting.

JR East canceled Tokaido line for the day and decreased the frequency of their Nagano-Shinkansen and Yamanote line.

The private railways has had to adjust to the catastrophe, as the Odakyu Electric Railway has canceled all but a part of the line closer to the metropolitan Tokyo (from Shinjuku to Kyodo), and canceled other lines such as their Enoshima line. Those railways that connect the metropolitan Tokyo with prefectures such as Saitama, in the Tobu, Isezaki, Tojo line, all have been canceled.

The arterial roads heading toward metropolitan Tokyo is also in the midst of confusion as trucks, taxis and cars heading to schools and work places jammed up the roads.

(Yomiuri Shimbun)


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