East Japan Earthquake    March 11, 2011

Japan Death Toll Update - March 18
Surpasses Kobe, Worst since WWII

March 18, 2011, 10:20 JST

“…it tolls for thee.” Day by day, hour by hour, body by body, the death toll grows. The true toll will never be a final number. People will die because of this event for a long time to come. People will die of this today. From the March 11, magnitude 9.0 Earthquake that struck northeast Japan and triggered a tsunami of epic size, tens of thousands are missing and likely dead, but may never make the official estimate because no one is left to tell officials that they are missing. In Japan, if no one tells the police that a specific person is missing, that person is not included in their reports. Thus, the “official” national police estimate of the death toll is only “more than 15,000.” Any of half a dozen towns in the Miyagi Prefecture (State) alone that were in the path of the tsunami may account for half or more of that number. A timeline of the sad discovery follows: March 11, 2011: a 9.0 quake offshore of NE Japan triggers a 30 ft. tsunami, which wipes out the entire coastal towns in seaside Prefectures. The quake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear emergency combined to create 700,000 refugees, of whom at least 450,000 remained in shelters as of 3/18. On Mar. 12, 686 people were acknowledged dead, with 642 missing. The next day, Mar. 13, the toll had risen to 1,200+ with 739 missing. The numbers climbed erratically, but steadily, upward after that; from 2,414 dead and 3,118 missing on Mar. 14 to 4,164 and more than 8,000 missing on Mar. 17. Today, March 18, 2011, 6,911 (3,860 in Miyagi Prefecture alone), are dead, and 10,354 are missing. Confirmed deaths in this event now surpass the death toll of 6,434 confirmed dead in the “Great Hanshin” (Kobe) 6.8 magnitude earthquake of 1995. There was no tsunami in Kobe. (gatherNEWS)

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