East Japan Earthquake    March 11, 2011

Man saved at sea 3 days after tsunami

March 13, 18:53 JST

 Japan's Defense Ministry says one of its naval vessels rescued a man swept away by tsunami waves off Fukushima Prefecture. The Maritime Self-Defense Force's destroyer Chokai rescued the man on Sunday, three days after the tsunami, while searching for survivors about 15 kilometers off Futaba Town. He was waving his hands and drifting on a broken roof. The 60-year-old survivor is Hiromitsu Shinkawa, of Minami Soma city, Fukushima. He has been temporarily hospitalized but has no major injuries.
 Shinkawa told officials he was swept away along with his house when he returned home briefly to collect personal items. He says he does not know the whereabouts of his wife, with whom he evacuated earlier.Sunday. (NHK)


15km off the coast of Fukushima prefecture, a man was rescued after floating on a fragment of a roof.(JDF)


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