East Japan Earthquake    March 11, 2011

From Kana Hasegawa ( Kick Back Café staff )
Iwate prefecture- parents, grandparents [Found safe!]
many relatives and friends still missing

From Kyotaro Ohira ( Kick Back Café staff )
Fukushima prefecture-1 second cousin working for nuclear power plant
My cousin's daughter, 22 years old, works for TEPCO of Fukushima. She is currently working around the clock to stabilize the situation with the nuclear power plant. There is a high chance that she will be contaminated.

Kazu Tachibana
Aomori prefecture-Mother missing [Found safe!]
Miyagi prefecture-Many friends and relatives missing
Fukushima prefecture-Many relatives missing
Iwate prefecture-Many friends and relatives missing
Former colleague of from the Self-Defense Forces-1 person missing
1 relative [death confirmed]

From Mei Takahashi
Miyagi prefecture- 3 friends missing [Found safe!]
Fukushima prefecture- 1 friend missing

From Mrs. Kosuga
Miyagi prefecture-1 brother-in-law missing [Found safe!]

Mrs. Shitara
Iwate prefecture-1 friend missing [Found safe!]

From Kozue Sasaki
Iwate prefecture-2 friends missing

From Emiko Takahashi
Iwate prefecture-2 friends missing [Found safe!] - 1 friend missing

From Akiko Sano
Miyagi prefecture-Many relatives missing [Found safe!] -many friends missing
Fukushima prefecture-Grand Mother missing [Found safe!]

From Misao Watari
Miyagi prefecture- Many relatives missing[Found safe!]



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